About Us: greetings from the founder!

As a trained Chemical Engineer and Nano Biotechnology researcher from University of Michigan Ann Arbor, I have always been fascinated with science and the consumption of products for human beings. This later led to my career in a Multinational firm starting in the research and development department. Upon my first career in this Multinational company I too had to settle down and start my family life. Then I started to understand the struggle of lifestyle adjustments of being a mother. I too experience the same journey like the rest of mothers: 

Starting from pregnancy, I was lucky I had a smooth one, but I found many women struggle during this phase. From having bad nausea, changes in skin (stretch marks, discoloration, itchy skin) until extreme fatigue. Then, after delivery, came the breastfeeding period, which was really difficult for me. Low breast milk supply, sore nipples, getting so stressed out with the new life rhythm and juggling between my own needs and baby needs. So when I had Philip my first child, I struggled to find readily herbs which can help with my predicament. One of which is sweet leaf (daun katuk) that contains active ingredients that helps increase prolactin. In Indonesia sweet leaf is very commonly used however very difficult to find in the wet market. Then the thought came across for me to provide these products In an extract powder or herbs-infused-tea format to the market for more practical use but still natural for breastfeeding moms.

Living in Indonesia, I realized that we are exposed to many natural ingredients with its benefits for women's health and yet still unexplored. This led me to work closely in providing plant extracts from these ingredients which have proven efficacy from scientific journals which I found during my time in research and development. I believe that it is a fact that 25 % of modern medication comes from plant based ingredients. So the research unto the use of plants is still a white space for future development.


Continuing my story of being a mom, you know that our struggles do not stop in breastfeeding. I still remember I came home from work, tired, but I still had to prepare baby foods for Philip and make sure he gets all the nutrition he needs. But philip being philip, he refused to eat until he was two. So again, the challenge is how he still gets immune and nutrition booster. My research led me to this wonderful plant called java turmeric which is known to contain curcumin, an active ingredient that can help boost appetite, immune and kids and of course adults’ health. 

It’s the journey of motherhood that Inspires me to put plant extracts in a readily available and practical form to help many women like me with their daily challenges. Our struggle is real: Sometimes we also have to keep ourselves healthy mentally and physically, we can’t afford to get sick because the kids and big baby (a.k.a husband) need us. And we also want to look and feel good for ourselves. 

Herbilogy is created to be the women’s companion through their journey of life and this is what we want to share with you. I hope these products will help and provide inspiration of the further journey that needs to be undertaken especially women to become #SUPERMOMS and # BETTERU. We would like to support women who are active not only in their family lifes but also active in their personal pursuits. We also hope that from the science of the medicinal benefits of plants we are able to incorporated in our products can make you a #BETTERU.